LOT NO: 2684    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 57  
"Study group of old forgeryies from Series VI-VIII, total 6 notes., excellent group for study only. SOLD AS IS.(6)"
ѵûŧ 6-8 6 Ѻ СѺ֡ҧҡ µҾ (6)

LOT NO: 2685    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 57  
"Studay of old forgeryies x2 notes; Series 1 x1 note and Series 6 x1 note, group for study only. SOLD AS IS.(2)"
ѵûŧ ӹǹ 2 Ѻ 1 x1 Ѻ 6 x1 Ѻ СѺ֡ҹ µҾ (2)

LOT NO: 2686    meaning Banknote Signatures Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 142  
"Lot of 5 banknotes; Series III-IX comprising of Series III 1b.(Rama8)x2, 5b.x1, Series IX 50st.x2 and Provisional issue 1b.( #P62Ab)x1, some notes folds or light stains, inspection recommended. VF-UNC.(5) Sold As Is"
"ѵ 5 Ѻ 3-9 3 1. .8 x2, 9 50ʵ.x2 蹪Ǥ 1. () x1 ҧѺ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ VF--UNC.(5) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2687    meaning Starting: THB 1200   Approx: 34  
"Lot of 6 commemorative banknotes 2000-2011; 50b.x1, 60b.x1, 100b.x3 and 1,5,10b. uncut x1, mostly with folders, mishandling. UNC.(6) Sold As Is"
"ѵ÷֡ ӹǹ 6 Ѻ 2543-2554; 50.x1, 60.x1, 100.x3 1,5,10.Ѵx1 ǹ˭ ҧѺѺ UNC.(6) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2688    meaning Starting: THB 8000   Approx: 228  
"Lot of commemorative banknotes 1987-2016; 60b.x18, 70b.x12, 100b.x1, 50b.x1 and 1,5,10b. uncut x5, with folders, some notes mishandling. Also 2012 Queen's 72th Birthday 100 b.x11 with folders. Totally 48 banknotes. AU-UNC.(48) Sold As Is"
"ѵ÷֡ 2538-2559; 60.x18, 70.x12, 100.x1, 50.x1 1,5,10.Ѵx5 稾ҪԹչҶ 72 100.x11 ҧѺѺ硹 48 Ѻ AU-UNC.(48) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2689    meaning Starting: THB 20000   Approx: 571  
"Lot of 39 banknotes; Series II-IX comprising of Series II 1b.x6, 5b.x1, 10b.x1, 20b.x1, 100b.x3, Series III 1b.x5, 10b.x1, Series IV 1b.x2, Series V 50st.x1, 1b.x1, 5b.x1, 20b.x1, Series VIII 1b.x5, 5b.x1, Series IX 50st.x2, 1b.x4 and Provisional issue surcharge 50st. on 10b.x2, mixed condition inspection recommended.(39) Sold As Is"
"ѵ 39 Ѻ 2-9 2 1.x6, 5.x1, 10.x1, 20.x1,100.x3, 3 1.x5, 10.x1, 4 1.x2, 5 50ʵ.x1, 1.x1, 5.x2, 20.x1, 8 1.x5, 5.x1, 9 50ʵ.x2, 1.x4 蹪Ǥ 50ʵ.麹 10. x2 Ҿл õǨͺ (39) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2690    meaning Banknote Signatures Starting: THB 12000   Approx: 342  
"Lot of 4 banknotes; Series III-IV comprising of Series III Rama VII 5b.x1, Rama VIII 10b.x1, 20b.x1 & Series IV 10b.x1, folds, stains, split, inspection recommended. F-VF.(4)"
"ѵ 4 Ѻ 3-4 3 .7 5.x1, .8 10.x1 20.x1 & 4 10.x1 ¾Ѻ ʹ ¢Ҵ õǨͺ F-VF.(4)"

LOT NO: 2691    meaning Starting: THB 6000   Approx: 171  
"Lot of 147 banknotes; Sereis IX-XV comprising of Series IX 1b.x43, Series XII 10b.x34, Series XIII 50b.x13, Series XV 50b.x15 and Commemorative notes 10b.x1, 50b.x27, 60b.x2, 100b.x12, without folders, folds, stains, inspection recommended. EF-UNC.(147) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 147 Ѻ 9-15 9 1.x43, 12 10.x34, 13 50.x13, 15 50.x15 иѵ÷֡ 10.x1, 50.x27, 60.x2, 100.x12 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ EF-UNC.(147) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2692    meaning Starting: THB 5200   Approx: 148  
"Lot of 177 banknotes; Sereis XI-XV comprising of Series XI 5b.x20, Series XII 20b.x119 and Series XV 50b.x25 & 100b.x13, FV=5,030Baht, fold or light stains, inspection recommended. mostly AU-UNC.(177) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 177 Ѻ 11-15 11 5.x20, 12 20.x119 15 50.x25 & 100.x13 Ҥ˹ 5,030 ҷ ҧѺ¾Ѻ ͤҺͧ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ AU-UNC.(177) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2693    meaning Starting: THB 6400   Approx: 182  
"Lot of 188 banknotes; series XII-XV comprising of Series XII 10b.x97, 20b.x43, Series XIII 50b.x20, Series XV 50b.x4 and Commemorative notes 1995 The 120th year of The Ministry of Finance x7 & 1996 King's Golden Jubilee 50b. polymer x17, some notes with folds, inspection recommended, mostly AU-UNC.(188) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 188 Ѻ 12-15 12 10.x97, 20.(9˹9ѧ)x43, 13 50.x20, 15 50.x4 иѵ÷֡ 2538 120 зǧäѧ 10.x7 & 2539 ҭɡ 50. x17 ҧѺ¾Ѻ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ AU-UNC.(188) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2694    meaning Starting: THB 3000   Approx: 85  
"Lot of 26 banknotes; Series IX-XI comprising of Series IX 1b.x5, 5b.x3, 10b.x12, 100b.x3 & Series XI 5b.x3, stains, folds, inspection recommended, mostly EF-AU.(26) Sold As Is"
"ѵ 26 Ѻ 9-11 9 1.x5, 5.x3, 10.x12, 100.x3 & 11 5.x3 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ EF-AU.(26) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2695    meaning Starting: THB 22000   Approx: 628  
"Lot of 344 banknotes; Sereis XIII-XVI 50b.x266 & 100b.x78, FV=21,100 Baht, light stains, inspection recommended, mostly AU-UNC.(344) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 344 Ѻ 13-16 ԴҤ 500.x266 & 100.x78 Ҥ˹ 21,100 ҷ դҺͧ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ AU-UNC.(344) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2696    meaning Starting: THB 4300   Approx: 122  
"Lot of 37 banknotes; Sereis IX-XVI & commemorative notes; comprising of 1b.x3, 5b.x10, 10b.x11, 20b.x8, 500bx2 & 1000b.x3, FV=4,323Baht, folds, stains, inspection recommended. VF-UNC.(37) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 37 Ѻ 9-16 иѵ÷֡ ԴҤ 1.x3, 5.x10, 10.x11, 20x8, 500.x2 & 1000.x3 Ҥ˹ 4,323 ҷ ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(37) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2697    meaning Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 142  
"Lot of 57 banknotes; Series II-XIV comprising of 50st.x4, 1b.x10, 5b.x7, 10b.x9, 20b.x9, 100b.x5, Provisional issue 1b.x1, surcharge 50st. on 10b.x1 and Commemorative notes 50b.x2, 60b.x2, 80b.x1, 100b.x5 & uncut 16b.x1, folds, stains, inspection recommended, mostly VF-UNC.(57) Sold As Is"
"ѵ 57 Ѻ 2-16 50ʵ.x4, 1.x10, 5.x7, 10.x9, 20.x9, 100.x5, 蹪Ǥ 1.x1, 50ʵ.麹 10. x1 иѵ÷֡ 50.x2, 60.x2, 80.x1, 100.x5 & uncut 16.x1 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ ǹ˭Ҿ VF-UNC.(57) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2698    meaning Starting: THB 8000   Approx: 228  
"Lot of 60 banknotes; Sereis V-XV & commemorative notes; 50st.x1, 1b.x3, 50b.x28, 100b.x24 & 1000b.x4, FV=7,803.50 Baht, some notes light stains, folds, inspection recommended, mostly VF-UNC.(60) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 60 Ѻ 5-15 иѵ÷֡ ԴҤ 50ʵ.x1, 1.x3, 50.x28, 100.x24 & 1000.x4 Ҥ˹ 7,803.50 ҷ ҧѺդҺͧ ¾Ѻ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ VF-UNC.(60) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2699    meaning Starting: THB 4500   Approx: 128  
"Lot of 63 banknotes; series XI-XII comprising of Series XI 5b.x5, 10b.x14, 20b.x4 and Series XII 100b.x40, folds, light stains, inspection recommended. EF-UNC.(63) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 63 Ѻ 11-12 11 5.x5, 10.x14, 20.x4 12 100.x40 ҧѺ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ EF-UNC.(63) µҾ"

LOT NO: 2700    meaning Starting: THB 4000   Approx: 114  
"Lot of 74 banknotes; Sereis VIII-XI comprising of Series VIII 1b.x6, Series IX 1b.x10, 5b.x10, 10b.x10, 20b.x10, 100b.x2, Series XI 5b.x10 and Commemorative notes 60b.x3, 100b.x13, some notes without folder, folds or light stains, inspection recommended, mostly EF-UNC.(74) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 74 Ѻ 8-11 8 1.x6, 9 1.x10, 5.x10, 10.x10, 20.x10, 100.x2, 11 5.x10 иѵ÷֡ 60.x3, 100.x13 ҧѺ ҧѺ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ EF-UNC.(74) µҾ"